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from an artist/entrant
"I found the online submission process simple, precise and easy to complete."   - Laurel Friedmann, CPS

Here's how the ShowSubmit system works:
  • Your organization gathers prospectus-type information about your show, and provides that information to ShowSubmit, and we set up the show in the system. What you charge for entry fees to the artist is completely up to you.

  • The artist reads the prospectus, prepares digital images according to the show specifications, and clicks a link to navigate to the actual show entry page. She then checks a box indicating understanding of show regulations, and is directed to the show entry screens.

  • On entry, each artist creates a unique "login identity" for your show with email and password, which can be used to come back to an incomplete entry later to finalize it, and allows certain access to the entry even after payment has been made. Until the show deadline, the artist can edit items such as title or price of an image, but not replace an image.

  • Following easy instructions, artists fill out an online form and submit digital images through the ShowSubmit system instead of using a paper entry form and mailing a CD or slides to your organization. Payment of entry fees is made securely online by credit card, debit card or PayPal account.

  • Entry fees paid by the artists, less credit card transaction fees and ShowSubmit fees, are remitted to your organization at regular intervals.

  • During and after the entry period, the organization's Show Chair(s) can use the password-protected Control Panel to:
    • Monitor the entries
    • Download images at any time
    • Create and download entry lists of up-to-the-minute tallies for display in spreadsheet formats
    • Make corrections in entry data if required
    • Track the fees paid in to the show at any time
    • Download all images to CD or DVD for archive, jurying or publication
    • Work with ShowSubmit to set up the show for jurying online by a single juror, several jurors working separately, or several all working at one location. The jury panel is accessible through password-protected login only.
    • Using the tools on the Control Panel, work with the jury to successfully select the appropriate number of images for your show
    • Following jurying, create final entry lists for accepted and declined entries, and generate personalized emails to those groups, including your attachments.

  • When the exhibition submission deadline is reached, ShowSubmit automatically closes all further entry for the show, and copies all submitted images to a disc for your use for jurying, publicity, and for additional backup. The disc will be mailed to your organization at that point, or if you use our Jury Panel for acceptance jurying, a directory containing accepted images only can be included on your disc before mailing.

  • Your show entries, images and all data are archived on our system for one year from the date of entry deadline, and your Control Panel password will still be valid during that time, so you can go back to the records as necessary.

Download a pdf file of the system description with costs

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