ShowSubmit Fees

Your organization pays a $125 admin fee per show + $6 per entry (artist), up to 100 entries, and $4.80 per entry for every entry over 100. We no longer charge a fee per image or jury. Your organization sets the number of images allowed per entry.

Credit Card fees

Each transaction is charged 2.9% + 30¢. International transactions are charged an additional 1%. This fee is set by our payment processor.

Pricing Calculator

Select the number of entries (artists) you expect to receive and your Entry fee if applicable. The total number of works (images) submitted does not affect ShowSubmit fees but may affect credit card fees depending on your entry fee structure.

Number of Entries
Entry fee
Entry fees collected
ShowSubmit Fees*
Credit Card Fees**
The above pricing is an example of an organization charging an entry fee of per entry and receiving Entries submitted ( artists).
The Pricing Calculator provides an estimate and is not an invoice for services. Actual cost of services depends on a number of factors including the total number of entries, your entry fee structure, and submissions from international Artists. *ShowSubmit fees are calculated at a rate of $6 per entry up to 100 entries + $4.80 per entry over 100 entries + $125 Show Admin Fee. **Credit Card fees are calculated at a rate of 2.9% + 30¢ per successful card transaction. International transactions are charged an additional 1% per transaction. Prices are subject to change by ShowSubmit.