Default Notification Settings

Revised: Nov. 2022

By default, we subscribe you to the following email notifications. You can change your notification settings at any time in your account settings.

Call for entry announcements
Receive monthly emails announcing all upcoming and open calls for entry on ShowSubmit.

Deadline reminders
Receive friendly reminders of upcoming deadlines for entries you have started but not yet completed.

Receive occasional promotional emails from ShowSubmit or from organizations. Examples may be promoting a single call for entry or event.

ShowSubmit system updates
Get notified whenever we introduce major features or improvements to ShowSubmit, changes to terms or policies, etc. We will send these infrequently.

We will never sell your contact information to anyone. Unsubscribe at any time.

Additional Notifications

You will also receive other emails that are considered 'transactional' and required for the use of the system. For example, Welcome Emails, Password Resets, Entry Confirmations, Payment Receipts, Acceptance/Rejection/Award notifications, Show Updates, etc.