Show Checklist

Here is a list to help you keep track of what is needed to run the full show submission process on ShowSubmit.

Materials Needed

  • Prospectus in PDF format
  • Promo image in JPG format at least 1200px on the longest edge
  • Juror(s) of Selection, name and email (for juried shows)
  • Judge of Awards, name and email along with the list of awards in order by ranking (if using the awards panel)
  • Acceptance and rejection letters to be emailed to artists after jurying is completed

Before Submissions

  • If needed, sign up your organization to use ShowSubmit.

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  • Verify all organization contact information, member statuses, logo, treasurer contact and mailing address are current, “Reply To” email address is up-to-date.

  • Prepare the prospectus.

    Providing the prospectus in advance of your Open for Entry date will help ensure your show will be included in any marketing emails that are sent.

    Entry deadlines and notification dates must fall on a weekday. This allows us to respond to any support emails in time for the deadline. Our support hours are between 9am and 6pm Eastern Time, Monday to Friday.

  • Gather your promo image of artwork. This can be any image of art you’d like to use to promote your exhibition. A past awarded work, a work from a juror or judge, etc.

    Landscape oriented artwork in JPG image format at least 1200px on the longest edge works best in the space. Images should be of artwork only. Images with graphics or text will not work in the space.

    With the exception of small mobile devices (which get cropped to fill a more square dimension), promo images are displayed at a 16x9 aspect ratio. An image that is 1200px wide and 675px tall will not be cropped on tablet or larger screens. You do not have to crop your images to these dimensions. The display will automatically fill the space with the image centered.

  • Send a PDF of the Prospectus and the image of artwork to [email protected].

  • Review and approve ShowSubmit show page. You will be notified when the page is ready for review.

During Submissions

  • Log in and monitor all entries for eligibility during the submission period. Check that membership is current, work meets criteria, etc.

    Control Panel login

    You can log in using your Artist Account email and password. You may also log in using the Login page. Use the Role dropdown to switch between your account roles (Artist, Chair, Juror, etc).

  • If a juried exhibition, send juror names and email addresses to [email protected].

  • Choose your jury method. Accept/Decline, 1-5 Scoring, or 1-10 Scoring. Feel free to reach out if you are not sure and we will be happy to discuss which method would work best for your show.

  • If using the ShowSubmit Awards panel, provide the judges name, email address, and the list of awards in descending order by ranking.

  • Notification emails. Provide your acceptance and rejection letter content. We can also send PDF attachments with the acceptance emails. Eg. PDFs of shipping instructions, labels, copy of the prospectus, etc.

    We will send sample emails for your review and approval after the Jury panel has been completed.

After Submissions

  • Review all entries and check for eligibility. Membership is current, work meets criteria, etc.

  • Notify your jurors of any special considerations needed. For example, the target number of works you’d like accepted.

  • After the jury panel has been complete, make the final selections using the ‘Selection Panel.’ This is only needed if using the 1-5 or 1-10 jury scoring method.

  • Review and approve the notification emails. We will send sample emails for your review after the Jury panel has been completed.

  • Deposit the check you receive for all entry fees collected minus credit card transaction and ShowSubmit fees. Checks are mailed within 3 weeks of the submission deadline.

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