Photo Preparation

You no longer need to resize or rename your image files. You can upload your cropped, 'hi-res' or original image files. If using your mobile or tablet device, please use the 'Actual Size' or largest available.

We will handle the file resizing and renaming based on the show specifications (300 dpi and 1500 pixels on the longest edge is the default if not specified).

If you have already resized your images to a specific shows specifications, they will work as is and are ready to be uploaded.

If your images are smaller than the required minimum, ShowSubmit cannot 'upsize' your images. They will be saved as is. It is recommended that you choose larger images to upload.

We never compress or change the qualily of the image. ShowSubmit only resizes the image.

All images must be high quality jpeg (.jpg) image files. Set your camera to the highest possible quality image, use good lighting on your painting without any glass in front of it, and use a tripod for your camera. Once the photo is taken, you must crop out all parts of the photo that are not the actual painting; do not show mat, frame, etc., only the painting itself.