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Hosting your call for entry with ShowSubmit gives you access to all of our features.

For organizations.

  • Full-service setup

    We handle getting your show setup in our system for you. Just send us the details.

  • Auto-processed images

    Each image file gets resized and renamed according to your organization’s specifications.

  • Custom entry forms

    Add custom fields to your entry forms to collect the information you need from artists.

  • Custom show page

    Public show pages that artists can review without needing to log in.

  • Real-time reports

    See a graph of entries over time. Perfect for checking the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

  • Email marketing

    Your show is included in our monthly marketing emails, reaching thousands of active artists.

  • Jury panel

    Choose from a few different scoring methods, with artwork organized how you need them.

  • Notification emails

    You provide the content, we send the acceptance and non-acceptance emails (including attachments).

  • Deadline reminders

    Make sure you get all the entries you can with email reminders to artists who started, but haven't completed their entry.

  • Awards panel

    Provide an easy-to-use panel of accepted images to the Judge of Awards.

  • Embeddable gallery

    Display a gallery of accepted works embedded on your organization’s website. Display awards and mark artworks as Sold.

  • Unlimited admin users

    Invite as many administrators as you need to help manage your show.

  • Custom reports

    Create custom lists and export Excel files or download images.

  • Historical data

    View archives of all past exhibitions run by your organization.

  • Collect entry fees

    Secure credit card payments through Stripe to collect entry fees.

  • Friendly support

    We are always easy to reach between 9am and 6pm Eastern Time, Monday to Friday.

It has been a smooth, hassle free experience with ShowSubmit submissions. Thank you for that. Last year at this time, it was chaotic and I was stressed out. We are so happy to be working with ShowSubmit. Michael Adams Members Show Chairman,
Philadelphia Water Color Society (PWCS)

For artists.

  • Reminders

    Receive deadline reminders for entries you have started, but not completed.

  • Customize preferences

    Preferences to customize interests and receive emails for only the shows relevant to you.

  • Mobile-friendly

    User-friendly process to submit artworks for entry in art exhibitions using your mobile device.

  • Auto-processed images

    Upload your large JPGs and your files are resized and renamed automatically.

  • Secure payments

    Secure credit card payments through Stripe. Your payment information is never shared with our server.

  • Artist dashboard

    Artist dashboard for viewing and editing open entries. Edit your entry as much as needed, up until the deadline.

  • Entry history

    Artist entry history for viewing past entries, including acceptances.

  • Downloads

    Download current or past show prospectuses for shows you've entered.

  • Notifications

    View all acceptances from your dashboard.

  • Friendly support

    Email support between 9am and 6pm Eastern Time, Monday to Friday.

I found the online submission process simple, precise and easy to complete. Laurel Friedmann Connecticut Pastel Society (CPS)
For Organizations

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