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Hosting your call for entry with ShowSubmit gives you access to all of our features.

For organizations.

  • Full-service setup

    We handle getting your show setup in our system for you. Just send us the details.

  • Auto-processed images

    Each image file gets resized and renamed according to your organization’s specifications.

  • Custom entry forms

    Add custom fields to your entry forms to collect the information you need from artists.

  • Custom show page

    Public show pages that artists can review without needing to log in.

  • Real-time reports

    See a graph of entries over time. Perfect for checking the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

  • Email marketing

    Your show is included in our monthly marketing emails, reaching thousands of active artists.

  • Jury panel

    Choose from a few different scoring methods, with artwork organized how you need them.

  • Notification emails

    You provide the content, we send the acceptance and non-acceptance emails (including attachments).

  • Deadline reminders

    Make sure you get all the entries you can with email reminders to artists who started, but haven't completed their entry.

  • Awards panel

    Provide an easy-to-use panel of accepted images to the Judge of Awards.

  • Online Gallery

    Hosted online galleries for each exhibition. Search artworks, filter by medium, view awarded works, and mark artworks as Sold.

  • Unlimited admin users

    Invite as many administrators as you need to help manage your show.

  • Custom reports

    Create custom lists and export Excel files or download images.

  • Historical data

    View archives of all past exhibitions run by your organization.

  • Collect entry fees

    Secure credit card payments through Stripe to collect entry fees.

  • Friendly support

    We are always easy to reach between 9am and 6pm Eastern Time, Monday to Friday.

We looked at a couple of online submission platforms. We chose ShowSubmit because entrants didn’t have to resize their images. What we didn’t realize at the time, was they offered so much more. Gina Murrow Pastel Society Alaska (PSAK)

For artists.

  • Reminders

    Receive deadline reminders for entries you have started, but not completed.

  • Customize preferences

    Preferences to customize interests and receive emails for only the shows relevant to you.

  • Mobile-friendly

    User-friendly process to submit artworks for entry in art exhibitions using your mobile device.

  • Auto-processed images

    Upload your large JPGs and your files are resized and renamed automatically.

  • Secure payments

    Secure credit card payments through Stripe. Your payment information is never shared with our server.

  • Artist dashboard

    Artist dashboard for viewing and editing open entries. Edit your entry as much as needed, up until the deadline.

  • Entry history

    Complete artist entry history. View past entries, acceptance status, download documents, and view prospectuses.

  • Downloads

    Download current or past show prospectuses for shows you've entered.

  • Notifications

    View all acceptances from your dashboard.

  • Friendly support

    Email support between 9am and 6pm Eastern Time, Monday to Friday.

I also want to personally thank you for making the jury process, which was daunting, very easy to use. It was without a doubt the best I have ever used. Richard McKinley Juror, Pastel Society of America (PSA)
For Organizations

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