Refund Policy

Revised: Nov. 2022

When you enter an art exhibition using the ShowSubmit system, your secure online payment goes to the organization that is sponsoring the show, less fees for credit card transactions and for the ShowSubmit service.

If you find that you have been overcharged on your credit card for your entry fee, please contact [email protected]. We will refund your money within 10 business days if an overcharge has occurred.

If you feel you should be refunded your entry fee for any other reason, please directly contact the sponsoring art organization for the show. Their contact information will be in the Prospectus for the show.

Entry fees will not be refunded on the grounds of an entry being disqualified, ineligible, rejected, or unaccepted. Entry fees will not be refunded if an artist removes Works from an entry or withdraws the entry.

Please read the Prospectus carefully before entering any show.