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from a society President
"CLWAC wholeheartedly recommends Joe Baker and ShowSubmit.

Joe offers exceptional attention to all phases of the submission process.The site is user friendly for both our Club and for those entering our exhibitions. is the best online entry system there is."

  - Gaile Snow Gibbs, President, Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club

The ShowSubmit online submission service hosted on the ShowSubmit webserver will provide you with a streamlined and simple way to manage your show entry and jurying. ShowSubmit handles all administrative tasks for the online portion of the entry process as well as for the Control Panel and Jury Panel setup and management. We work with your Show Chair(s) to make the process thorough and as effortless as possible.

Costs: Your organization pays a $125 per show fee to get the system configured for your show and to handle all administrative costs. Entry fees (and membership fees, if applicable) are paid by the artist by credit card into the ShowSubmit merchant account. If you elect to use the online Jury Panel, that modest fee is invoiced after the show submission and jurying process is concluded.

DescriptionFees: ShowSubmit & Credit Card
Per Show fee$125.00
Per Artist fee$3.00
Per Image fee$0.40
Jury Panel fee$90.00 plus $0.10 per image over 300 images
Credit Card transaction fees2.9% of value of charge, PLUS $0.30 per transaction (rate may fluctuate)

Prices are subject to change by ShowSubmit; your contract for a show sets the price for the service for that show.

Some example costs for hypothetical shows using 2018 costs:
Description #1: 50 artists
100 images
#2: 100 artists
200 images
#3: 200 artists
400 images
#4: 300 artists
900 images
Per Show fee$125$125 $125 $125
Per Artist fee$150 $300 $600 $900
Per Image fee$40 $80 $160 $360
Jury Panel fee$90 $90 $100 $150
ShowSubmit totals$405 $595 $985 $1535
Credit Card fees $25 + $10 = $35.00 $60 + $20 = $80 $120 + $40 = $160 $240 + $90 = $330
Show Total Costs$440 $675 $1,145 $1,865
Income Gross$1,250 $3,000 $6,000 $12,000
Your Income Net$810 $2,325 $4,855 $10,135

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