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Show Submission DEMO Program

Welcome to the Entry Demo of the ShowSubmit Program

Each artist opens an artist account in the ShowSubmit system with an email-password combination that they use for access to all their entries in the system. To enter your show, an artist would go to the ShowSubmit home page and log in her account, then select your show from the list of shows open for entry.

The start page for your show contains specifications, dates, guideline, costs, etc. for your show, and also has access to your downloadable prospectus if needed.

At the bottom of all this material, which repeats the main points in the actual printed prospectus, the user must click a checkbox acknowledging their willingness to comply with show regulations. This takes the place of requiring their signature on the paper entry form from the prospectus.

Once the box is checked, the button appears that enables them to proceed into the actual entry screens located on the encrypted ShowSubmit site.

In this demo version, the organization hosting the "show" is SS, and the "show" is titled "ShowSubmit Demo Program." Your organization's name and logo would replace those you see, and each show title is specified by you.

In the demo, you will proceed as if you were an artist with an account entering a show. In this sample case, only three mediums of artwork are applicable (e.g. oil, pastel, watercolor), but the system is designed to allow for specification of any medium for each image entered, or to limit entries to one or more specific mediums. The administrative "control panel" allows control of this and many other features of the system.

For this sample show, up to three images per entrant are allowed. The system can be used for up to five images in its present form. Instructions are available on each screen. When opening your artist account, you will enter your personal contact information, some of which is required. For this demo you will be using a generic artist account that has already been created, and use the entry screens to upload image(s) and proceed to checkout.

Note that you can edit your image infomation easily on the image screen. You can also upload more images than the limit for the show and select just the ones you want to actually submit. In actual show entries, artists can modify their entry right up until the entry deadline.

This being a demo, the process stops at "Checkout." Normally after a payment is successfully completed, the artist sees a receipt on the screen and receives a copy by email verifying the images and information submitted, including thumbnails of the images.

Have you got your test entry images ready to go? The ShowSubmit system expects them to be prepared as high quality jpegs, 900 pixels on the long side of the image @ 300 dpi. For this demo, the filename protocol is:
e.g. Lincoln_A_TheWhiteHouse.jpg

I am ready to start the demo of the show submission system.
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