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Photo Preparation

To properly prepare your digital images for submission to a show, you will need to know the show's specifications for size and resolution as well as for naming your files. You may also need to have and use image software.

  1. Check the show's prospectus OR the show's start page on the ShowSubmit site. Note down the specifications mentioned, as each show has its own requirements depending on how the organization will use images for publicity, catalog printing, website posting, etc. Make sure you know the resolution (often called "ppi" for "pixels per inch", or "dpi" for "dots per inch"), and the required length in pixels of the longer side of your images. In general the filenames required are a standard format for all shows, but confirm this also.

  2. Before adjusting image resolution or size, do any cropping or straightening, etc., required for your images.

  3. If you are unfamiliar with adjusting your images on your computer, consult the step-by-step tutorials listed below. Choose the one for the software you have; note that the version of the software may be slightly different from your version, but the steps used for the software will not vary much from version to version.
  4. In the above tutorials, you may have to substitute your show's numbers for resolution or pixel dimension if they are different from those mentioned.

  5. After adjusting the resolution and pixel dimension for each image, save the image file with the name formed by the show protocol you saw in the prospectus, for example Rachel Carson's painting titled "Tide Pool Evening" would become Carson_R_TidePoolEvening.jpg.

  6. The digital image that you upload MAY NOT be larger than 2 Mb in size - this is an inflexible limit imposed by the web server. If your jpg file (compressed) is larger than 2 Mb after the above steps, save the image again (Save As...) and this time lower the jpg "quality" slightly in order to increase the compression ratio and thus reduce the file size.

  7. That's it! You are ready to enter the show and upload the images when requested. Good luck!

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