I have already resized my images. Can I still upload them?

Yes! If you have already resized your images to a specific show's specifications, they will work as is and are ready to upload.

Can I submit my images without your site resizing them?

Yes, if you have already resized your images, or if you prefer to resize your images yourself, ShowSubmit will not resize them if the images meet the exact show specification. Your images will work as is and are ready to upload.

Will the site make my small images larger to meet the requirements?

No, if your images are smaller than the required minimum, ShowSubmit cannot 'upsize' your images. They will be saved as is. It is recommended that you choose larger images to upload.

Will you preserve my image file names?

No, ShowSubmit will automatically rename all uploaded images. It will use your last name, first initial and the title given to create the new file name. We will save the original file names with the record in case we need to reference it at some point.

For example: Carson_R_SilentSpring.jpg

What if my titles are all the same?

We will create unique file names automatically if two of your images share the same title. For example, if you have 2 artworks that are 'Untitled', your images would be named, Carson_R_Untitled.jpg and Carson_R_Untitled_2.jpg.

Can I delete an image?

Yes, you can uncheck the ‘Use’ button and click the ‘remove’ link to remove the image and entire work from your entry. Make sure to click ‘Save & Proceed’ to save your changes.

Can I edit my image information?

Yes, you can edit the information about your artwork by using the ‘Edit Info’ button next to your artwork. Make sure to click ‘Save & Proceed’ to save your changes.

Can I edit my image?

Yes, if you need to change the actual image used, you must uncheck the ‘Use’ button from the artwork you wish to change and then select ‘Add Image’ to upload a new image with all the information associated with it. Once that is done, you can select the ‘Use’ checkbox for the correct image. Make sure to click ‘Save & Proceed’ to save your changes.

My image uploaded, but you’re telling me my image is too small, what gives?

We have added a feature to auto-resize and auto-name your artwork to the specific show specifications so you don’t have to worry about it. However, if an image is smaller than the minimum requirement, you will see a warning message. You can still upload the image, but your image will not display optimally in the jury panel.

Can I edit my account information (email, address, phone number, password)?

Yes, you can edit all of your contact information using the ‘Edit Account Info’ from your Artist Account.

Can I edit my entry after I have already paid?

Yes, you can login to your Artist Account and edit any entry in the ‘Your Open Entries’ list up until midnight the day of the deadline.

Can I edit my entry after the deadline has passed?

No, entries cannot be edited if the show entry deadline has passed.

Where are my images? I uploaded all my images but do not see them in my confirmation email.

Login to your Artist Account and find your open entry, then select the ‘Go to Entry’ button. Make sure the 'Use' button is checked next to all of the images you wish to include and click ‘Save & Proceed’ to save your image selections. It is possible to owe more depending on the Shows cost per image.

Can I remove an image from my entry?

Yes, you can remove an image from your entry by logging into to your Artist Account. Find your open entry and click the ‘Go to Entry’ button. You must uncheck the 'Use' button next the image you want to remove, then click 'Save and Proceed' to save your changes. If you do not plan on replacing the removed image with another, you will not be refunded the difference. Entry fees are non-refundable. Please see our Refund Policy.

Why does my thumbnail image look fuzzy?

Depending on the detail in your artwork, sometimes the thumbnail can look a little ‘fuzzy.’ Rest assured your full size image will look how it did when you uploaded it.

The 'Select Image' button is not working!

Occasionally, clicking the 'Select Image' will do nothing. I have not been able to determine why this happens, but it is not an issue with ShowSubmit. This is a browser specific issue with the file input field. I have experienced this most often in Chrome.

The only fix I have found is to quit the browser application and then reopen it and try again. I will update this page if I find another solution.

Still have questions? We are available @ [email protected]. We’ll get back to you promptly between 9am to 6pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.